If your kids like playing in the water, visit Acquaree at JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong for a spa-tacular time in the country’s first kid-friendly spa circuit. Acquaree offers an interactive spa journey that pampers little ones while burning off their energy. Not only is this incredible fun, Acquaree has a full-time team of well-trained attendants overseeing all the merriment. Kids put on their swimsuits and enter the colourful maze through a sensory tunnel, which leads them to a kid-suitable sauna room, a cool mist corridor and into everyone’s favourite – the mud room! Here volcanic-style mud baths provide plenty of squishy mud to rub over their skin and each other.

The hammam offers fun tentacle blowers and a hide-and-seek cocoon, while water guns and buckets await, ready for battle. Ending the spa journey is the water playground with its aquatic games, making Acquaree a water treat that will be high on your kids’ must-do list.


JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong, a D Varee Collection

Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard Barat

Gading Serpong

Tangerang 15810, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2139503000


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