Beauty in Kindness

Sissy Sosro

Priscilla Rasjid, more familiarly known as Sissy Sosro, needs no further introduction. The Jakarta-based fashion make-up artist is a regular in fashion editorials in leading publications, as well as working on various beauty and fashion campaigns. Sissy kicked off her career as an assistant to coveted make-up artist Rae Morris.

Her career has taken her to many places around the globe, from remote areas in Kalimantan, to lavish shows in Paris. Amidst her busy schedule, Sissy runs a charming accessories shop in Bali called The Berawa Shop. 

Being in high demand encourages her to stay fit and rest well to be able to manage her packed schedule. Sissy shared her goals, saying, “I just want to do what I like and stay relevant. I also want to publish a beauty book one day.”

Her key to success, as well as her advice for the younger generation who would like to delve into the business is, “Stay inspired! Always look for inspiration from many sources, including art, movies, nature, and more. Also, it’s important to be on time and be kind!

Sissy Sosro