Beauty is An Art

The never ending devotion of Dr. Enrina to emphasize her patient’s confidence through aesthetic plastic surgery and treatments has been going on for over a decade. She started her plastic surgery specialty education in the University of Indonesia within the Medical Faculty. Then she continued studying as a craniofacial surgeon in several countries which are famous with their advanced plastic surgery institutions. Some of the scientific institutions she has joined were Chang Gung Craniofacial Center, Department of Plastic Surgery Thailand and Clinic for Plastic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, Swiss. Returning to Indonesia in 2005 and became known as the first Indonesian doctor with an international certificate in craniofacial.

Her passion and love in plastic surgery is motivated by her father’s message, Prof. Muzief Munir who encouraged her to choose this specific field of study. According to Dr. Enrina, the art element is a personal sense that has a major influence in the plastic surgery activity. A technique can be obtained by formal education, but taste is formed personally in the plastic surgeon’s mind.

Her love for beauty and natural result of plastic surgery is reflected in her own book Ultimate Beauty. The book tells about aesthetic surgery, not only technically but also psychological aspects on the issue. Dr. Enrina emphasize that this kind of knowledge is not something obtainable in college. The psychological approach she implements is merely of her consciousness to give patients assurance, the feel that they have a reliable doctor with them.

Dr. Enrina’s long journey to have this well established Ultimo came also by her parents and particularly her daughter’s support. Now she is determined that Ultimo will keep on growing and reach international patients, while striving to reach her dream, that one day plastic surgery will be one of Indonesia’s reliable medical service.

She developed Ultimo as a one stop beauty, aesthetics and dental clinic to comprehensively deliver people’s needs to have a total care in physical appearance enhancement. Starting her own practice as a plastic surgeon at Ultimo with dynamic enhancement on the field, along with the collaboration with dermatologists and dentistry experts has made Dr. Enrina as one of the leading names in plastic surgery, in Jakarta as well as Indonesia.

With Ultimo, Dr. Enrina also develops dermatology retail products and therapies to complete the action of physical enhancement which has given people variety of easy solutions in building their confidence. Beauty manifests from the soul, it is indeed an Art.