This French-rooted restaurant serves locally influenced food in an unpretentious setting with a teak façade that stands out amongst the rest of the shops along its SoHo street.

Chef Daniel Calvert has created a menu divided into sections perfect for sharing or consuming individually. Expertly prepared dishes such as beetroot baked in salt with walnuts and tête de moine showcase a mindful combination of both local and homemade ingredients, whilst the whole roasted chicken with pommes Anna, served intact with minimal butchery, celebrates simplicity and the beauty of nose-to-tail consumption. Crafted using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, the French fare exhibits touches of regional influence where Asian flavours elevate fresh, premium seafood.

An interior of polished stone, chromatic metals and flawless woodwork creates a calming reprieve that lends itself to the unhurried dining experience whilst an instrument-driven soundtrack mirrors the restaurant’s commitment to craftsmanship.


G/F, 41 Elgin Street,

Central, Hong Kong

T: (+852) 2152 2872