Beyond The Storefront: Introducing Nasi Sedap & Kopi Sedap

NasDap and KoDap are here to offer you affordable meals while also opening new job opportunities.

If you’re looking for an easy, tasty and healthy meal to accompany your days, please welcome the newly launched NasDap – Nasi Sedap rice boxes. At NasDap, you won’t want to miss the signature nasi kulit, comprising delicious rice steamed in a mixture of herbs and spices served with fried chicken, crispy chicken skin, fried beef lung and chicken satay, topped with flavourful serundeng (sautéed coconut flakes) and addictive sambal.

For diners who are looking for a healthier option, NasDap also offers Nasi Sehati, a hearty portion of red rice, complete with grilled chicken, sautéed tempeh, broccoli and hard-boiled egg, as well as the delicious sambal to entice the palate. Nutritious and scrumptious, the Nasi Sehati is filling, a perfect choice for when you want a satisfying meal while still keeping yourself fit and healthy.

If you’re in the mood for a light bite and think that a complete portion of nasi kulit is too heavy, you can choose to order individual portions of the crispy chicken skin, fried chicken, or fried beef lung. The selection of rice dishes is priced between IDR20,000 and IDR41,500.

Since introducing the selection of rice dishes to eager diners, Nasi Sedap has now paired up with Kopi Sedap – also known as KoDap, offering a refreshing array of coffee and milk drinks priced between IDR15,000 and IDR23,000. The variety of coffee drinks includes drinks such as Si Hitam Manis (cold brew espresso with palm sugar), Cinta Coklat (cold brew espresso with palm sugar and chocolate milk), Keingat Pandan (cold brew espresso with fresh milk and pandan syrup), and more. Meanwhile, the non-coffee selection features Lembutnya Matcha (creamy matcha with fresh milk), Kusuka Ungu (fresh milk with taro powder and boba pearl), and more. You can also add extra toppings according to your preference.

Founders Lenny Marlina Tanu and Sylvain Pasdeloup established Nasi Sedap and Kopi Sedap to help provide more job opportunities, especially for those who are struggling financially because of the current situation. In addition, they both are attempting to support the economy in Bali by offering delicious food and drinks that are affordable and memorable.

In the near future, the founders are offering the opportunity to own the Nasi Sedap and Kopi Sedap franchises, not just in Bali but also in other cities in Indonesia, including Java, Sumatra and beyond. By opening more franchises, Lenny hopes to open more new job opportunities, as well as creating more entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

Nasi Sedap and Kopi Sedap are now open for dine-in or order through the hotline at (+62) 87779270999. For online orders, the tasty meals and drinks are also available on GRABFOOD and GOFOOD. Get your order in now to taste the tantalizing feast in your mouth!

Nasi Sedap & Kopi Sedap

Ruko Sunset Indah I Kav. 1

Jalan Sunset Road No. 89, Kuta

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 87779270999