Singapore Night Safari

Explore Singapore’s Night Safari park which features over 130 species, many of whom only venture out at after dusk.

Set in 35 hectares of dense rainforest, animals such as deer roam freely whilst the leopards and lions are safely ensconced in enclosures designed to allow visitors to see their nocturnal prowling.

Aside from the guided tram tour, there are four trails, including the Fishing Cat Trail – a trek through the jungles of Singapore, and the Leopard Trail with its collection of rare indigenous species.

The trail also takes you into giant aviaries where the flying foxes and flying squirrels will astound, before you pass through the incredible bat display.

With infotainment shows, restaurants, fire dances and much more, the Night Safari is one of the most popular evening activities in Singapore. For more information visit the website.

Singapore Night Safari 

80 Mandai Lake Rd

Singapore 729826