Cirque du Soleil Kooza

Guy Laliberte, David Shiner, Serge Roy, Stephane Roy, Jean-Francois Cote, Clarence Ford, Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt (Costume), Martin Labrecque, Jonathan Deans, Leon Rothenberg, Florence Cornet, Andre Simard, Danny Zen, Roge Francoeur, Benoit Mathieu

From 12th July to 13th August, Cirque du Soleil is set to dazzle audiences with its KOOZA performance at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. A homage to the troupe’s origins, KOOZA will showcase a blend of graceful acrobatics and clowning while exploring themes of fear, identity, recognition and power. The show takes the Innocent on a thrilling journey, pitting him against comic characters from a fantastic world, which is set to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The “Trickster” (L) Appeares From The Box To Guide The “Innocent” (R) To The Colourful Show During The “Kooza” Press Preview In Tokyo, On February 1, 2011. Cirque Du Soleil Will Start Their Three-Month-Long Tokyo Tour From February 2 As Well As Four Other Japanese Cities Until June 2012. Afp Photo / Toshifumi Kitamura (Photo Credit Should Read Toshifumi Kitamura/Afp/Getty Images)

One of the spectacles that will be on display is the hoops manipulation. Manipulating up to seven hoops simultaneously, the troupe’s acrobats combine a fluidity of movement, flexibility, dexterity and balance in the feat. In the double highwire act, acrobats will cross precarious lengths of high wires set up to 8m above ground, showing marvellous balance and technique. The skilfully choreographed skeleton dance and the wheel of death segment will capture the audience’s collective breath. Early bookings are highly recommended for this greatly anticipated show.