COMO Shambhala Estate Introduces New Integrated Wellness Programme and Wellness Manager

The world-famed wellbeing destination recently appointed Prasanth Vayanakathu as the wellness manager and ayurvedic consultant, bringing a new series of wellness offers.

The favourite wellness destination of A-listers, COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali recently appointed Prasanth Vayanakathu as the new wellness manager and ayurvedic consultant for the luxury retreat. With a Bachelor’s degree in naturopathy and yogic sciences, Prasanth has been practicing consultations in Ayurveda and stress management for 25 years.

Along with Prasanth’s appointment, the resort also launched the new Integrated Wellness Programme, with a personalised approach that encompasses expert consultation, nutritional guidance, daily wellness treatments and access to all group wellness activities.

Prasanth Vayanakathu

Guests who want to experience a bespoke journey programme built to fit individual needs can opt for the new Integrated Wellness Programme. Build your own experience after consulting the wellness expert, comprising a nutritional plan, schedule of therapies and wellness activities. The programmes offered include yoga, Pilates, meditation, rice field walks, massage and body care treatments, as well as dining by COMO Shambhala Cuisine.

COMO Shambhala Estate

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