Dare to be Different

Be Bold, Be Daring, Be Different. Forget About The Mundane Look And Bring Some Fierce Fun Back To Fashion With These Eclectic Looks.

Models: Kimmy Jayanti, Iko Bustami, Sarah Tumiwa, Danella Ilene, Muhammad Carlos, Chalton Ciptadi

Photographer: Deny Mirrorcle

Creative Director: Bubah Alfian

Fashion Stylist: Revashion

Make-Up: Bubah Alfian

Hair: Aloy And Ran

Venue: Peven Studio

Model: Kimmy Jayanti
Dress: Jacob Will
Models: Iko Bustami, Danella Ilene & Sarah Tumiwa
Wardrobe: Harry Halim
Models: Revashion, Chalton Ciptadi, Sarah Tumiwa, Muhammad Carlos &
Bubah Alfian
Wardrobe: Reva’s Collection & Naranaia
Models: Danella Ilene, Sarah Tumiwa & Iko Bustami Wardrobe: Harry Halim
Model: Iko Bustami
Dress: Ivan Gunawan
Accessories: Naranaia By Jember Fashion Carnaval

Models: Muhammad Carlos & Chalton Ciptadi
Wardrobe: Amot Syamsurimuda

Asia Dreams Volume 47