Flirtatious Flavours

The pink neon sign that says “You look hot in a bikini” on the facade immediately grabs the attention of intrigued passers-by. The restaurant had been the talk of the town even before it opened. How could it not? Bikini is the latest brainchild of the successful entrepreneur/restaurateur Adam McAsey and his 8 Degree Projects team, known for the must-visit food and beverage joints like Sisterfields, BO$$ MAN and Expat. Roasters – which also share the same street of Kayu Cendana.

With Bikini what meets the eye is the one-of-a-kind character. The place is sexy in a playful manner – it carries a certain kind of sophistication but with an alluring ease. The bar goes from the outdoor area to the indoor, creating a sultry invitation for diners to come in. The pièce de la résistance inside is the striking wall adorned with the work of Melbourne-based artist Ash Keating – streaks in different shades of pink, playing along with the overall theme.

On the kitchen front are Creative Culinary Director Jethro Vincent and Chef Kevin Chung – who are definitely no strangers to Bali’s most discerning diners. Together, they have decided not to pigeonhole the dishes in any typical way so that they can keep themselves open to whimsical creativity. “The menu is a fusion of what’s in season, what’s on trend and what I love to cook,” said Jethro.

With inventive dishes like the goat cheese gougères with truffle honey, and the Corn on Corn (baby corns served with popcorn, chipotle and manchego), it really is difficult to pinpoint what kind of food Bikini serves. Some of the offerings come in a theatrical or quirky presentation. The oyster cracker with oyster cream, black garlic and pickled shallots looks like a work of art with dry ice smoke for effect. The foie gras is cheekily served in a cylindrical cracker – resembling a cigar – and of course, instead of a plate, they have an ashtray for this one. That being said, as eclectic as the selection goes, the quality is consistently impressive. The flavours initially take diners by surprise, before realising that what they’re tasting is something familiar – only enhanced by a refined technique and unique concepts.

The highlights at Bikini don’t stop at the ingenious dishes, as the cocktail menu deserves recognition of its own. Created by award-winning mixologist Max Hart, Bikini offers a smorgasbord of alcoholic delights that are divided into four groups – To Start; Fruity, Floral and Vibrant; Bitter, Sweet and Spiced; and Bold, Big and Packed with a Punch. Not sure what to get? The friendly bartender will take in your preference and help you decide. After all, what’s a sexy night without some boozy experiment?


Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 6, Seminyak,

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 361 738 454