Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

The newly launched Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta carries the timeless and classic design of New York-based, award-winning Alexandra Champalimaud, as is visible in the singular, culturally inspired design where every space is rich in detail and laden with history.

This design philosophy consistently stretches from the hotel’s front interior to the 125 guest suites, with Indonesian art and textiles dominating the graceful architecture and creating a fresh, contemporary feel while still hoisting clean lines of the French Art Deco period and the luxurious atmosphere that comes with it.
Landscape architect Bill Bensley, who weaved various artistic elements into each space, designed the hotel’s lush, tropical outdoor spaces, each of which has a strong identity and is rich in details, inspired by Indonesian art, sculpture, music and history.

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta is the centrepiece of the award-winning Capital Place, a new landmark of contemporary architecture by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, a light-filled, modern classic, which signifies the waves flowing around the Indonesian archipelago with captivating art and dramatic tropical gardens.