Gifts for kids

Hot Collectables

Most kids go through a phase of collecting something – comics, My Little Pony, stamps – the list is endless, and something that many manufacturers relentlessly tap into. Every now and again, however, something quite spectacular comes along and blows away even the most sceptical parent. Established in Hong Kong, Hot Toys Limited has been creating high-end, detailed, authentic collectibles since its inception in 2000.

In 2003, the company acquired the rights to produce a range of collectables from international movies, including Iron Man, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Superman and Terminator series, amongst many others. Their high quality products often include unique game-changing innovations, such as the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Interchangeable Faces Techniques (IFT). These sixth-scale figures probably represent the pinnacle of contemporary collectable figures.  Just in time for Christmas, the company announced at the 2014 International Toy Fair its latest exclusive series, featuring Ancient Predator (from Alien vs Predator), The Joker Bank Robber Version (The Dark Knight) and Iron Man XX Python Armour (Iron Man 3). Incredible detail, terrific quality and exclusivity make these a collector’s dream.


Rolling back the years 

The days when the Etch-a-Sketch was the must have hi-tech kids’ toy might seem a bit of a joke to today’s iPad-toting, app-wise 7 year old, but a few of the old favourites are having something of a renaissance as parents look to remove the electronic device and replace it with something altogether more… real.

There are a great many options, LEGO, Nanoblocks and chemistry sets, for example, but perhaps none epitomises the change in some parental attitudes than the Meccano set, which provides state-of-the-art building sets for kids who like to play with their own creations.

The choice of kits depends upon age, with plastic, easy to hold and assemble components seen in the Build & Play series for ages 5 upwards, and the Meccano Radio Controlled Pro Turbo Car for ages 7 and over. The traditional metal range has also evolved to include some funky kits, including motorbikes and super construction equipment.  But maybe the greatest thing about Meccano is that kits can be combined, meaning your child’s adventure is only limited by imagination.