A Driven Leader


A Driven LEader

Always leading by example, Harry Suryadharma is now the man in charge of one of Jakarta’s most iconic landmarks, The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta. A seasoned hotelier with more than 20 years in the industry, the humble leader shares his experience exclusively with Exquisite Taste.

by Rizky Adityo

E: You graduated with a degree in hospitality, what made you decide on this industry?

A: The hotel industry has been fascinating for me since I was a senior in high school. I have always been enthralled with everything related to travel, especially hospitality. I love meeting new people, and for me personally, the hospitality industry is very dynamic.

E: As a seasoned hotelier, what are some of the emerging hotel trends you’re noticing?

A: During the pandemic, a lot of things happened, one of them being technology and digitalisation. Nowadays, we keep seeing hospitality services using touchless technology to avoid direct interaction. At the same time, the use of technology in the hospitality industry is helping us to further personalise the guest’s experience. Another trend that I’m seeing is, of course, sustainability. There’s a shift in the market right now, where travellers are more concerned about the environment, and at The Hermitage we are taking part in this movement too.

E: You are now helming one of Jakarta’s most iconic landmarks, what can you tell our readers about The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta?

A: The hotel itself is unique. The hotel’s location also carries a lot of history. This used to be the headquarters of the Dutch telecommunication back in the 1920s. After being rebuilt in 2013, while still adapting to the original design, The Hermitage officially opened in 2014 and became Southeast Asia’s first Tribute Portfolio Property.

E: Aside from the iconic building, what makes your hotel stand out?

A: This is a five-star boutique hotel that has 90 beautifully appointed rooms, as well as a restaurant, a lounge and a bar. One of the highlights is the rooftop bar with its 360-degree view of this great city. Another thing to mention is the newly launched Guardian Service, personal assistance for guests to ensure everyone has a seamless stay, from pre-arrival to post-departure.

E: A new leader often comes with new ideas, what do you have up your sleeves for this hotel?

A: As of right now, we are trying to reposition the hotel as Jakarta’s Finest Experience. With the recently launched Guardian Service, we are elevating guest expectations to a new height. In addition, the hotel is now operating as an all-club benefit hotel to ensure an unforgettable stay.

E: In one or two words how would you describe your management style?

A: I would describe my management style as direct, but at the same time leading by example. I love to be involved in certain projects, and at the same time delegate tasks to our team members.

E: What has been the most memorable compliment you have received from a guest?

A: My most enjoyable moments are actually when one of our guests compliments one of our associates to me and says how they have gone far and beyond to create an unforgettable experience. That for me is the biggest satisfaction as a leader.

The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

Jalan Cilacap, Menteng

Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

T: (+62) 82289836888

E: hermitage.jakarta@tributeportfolio.com