Japanese of a New Dimension

Discover the artistry of modern Japanese cuisine at Wabi-Sabi, where diners are promised an unparalleled dining experience with meticulously crafted sushi, innovative dishes like Duck Duck Foie, and seafood delights such as Halibut Misozuke.

Duck Duck Foie

In Jakarta’s dynamic culinary scene, Wabi-Sabi emerges as a highly anticipated addition, bringing a fresh perspective to modern Japanese cuisine. The restaurant invites patrons into a world of culinary ingenuity under the guidance of Chef Andri Dionysius, MDA Restaurant Group’s chef patron, and his skilled team. Wabi-Sabi sets itself apart by focusing on the finest seafood sourced from Toyosu market and beyond, ensuring each dish is a testament to the quality and freshness of its ingredients. Complementing the culinary offerings is an expertly curated selection of fine wines, sake, Japanese beer and aged Japanese whisky, promising a heightened dining experience for Jakarta’s discerning beverage aficionados.

Sushi Selection

A standout feature of Wabi-Sabi’s menu is its meticulously crafted sushi, prepared with with freshly milled rice shari mixed with a Japanese red vinegar or Akazu, aged for a minimum of two years to enhance its umami flavour profile. The culinary adventure continues with innovative dishes like “Temari Zushi”, a play on the commonly known Temari Sushi, which here is a vibrant creation comprising crispy potato, wasabi mayo and assorted neta, setting the stage for a sensory exploration. The culinary journey reaches new heights with Duck Duck Foie, a luxurious ensemble featuring three duck eggs filled with foie chawanmushi, duck breast, seared foie gras and truffle-an sauce.

Kakubin Karubi

Seafood enthusiasts are treated to an elevated experience with offerings such as the Halibut Misozuke, marinated in sesame saikyo miso and complemented by a smoky bincho soubise, showcasing a harmonious fusion of flavours. Adding a theatrical flair to the dining experience is the Kakubin Karubi flambé, a spectacle of slow-cooked wagyu short rib and Japanese mushrooms ignited in Kakubin Suntory Whisky, finished with wasabi pepper sauce and a hint of truffle.

Rice Polish & Japanese Vinegar for Sushi

Concluding the gastronomic journey on a sweet note, Wabi-Sabi presents a delectable dessert selection like SO Alaska, featuring a cloud of cotton candy enveloping a meticulously crafted cheesecake, toffee ice cream and burnt peach, finished with a flamboyant touch of peach bourbon and Southern Comfort.

True to its namesake, Wabi-Sabi embraces the beauty of imperfection and natural textures, creating an ambience reminiscent of a serene zen garden. The restaurant’s design elements, including an inverted zen garden and a bamboo-stamped concrete feature wall, evoke a sense of tranquillity amidst the bustling cityscape.

Wabi-Sabi offers three distinctive dining spaces – a lively bar area, an open dining section overlooking Setiabudi’s cityscape, and five private dining rooms perfect for hosting special gatherings. In essence, Wabi-Sabi transcends the label of a mere restaurant; it is a culinary odyssey that celebrates the artistry of Japanese cuisine and invites patrons to an unforgettable gastronomic escapade in Jakarta’s vibrant heart.

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