Welcome to the Dining Wonderland

A Sweet Wonderland

Just like the classic storybook namesake that became its inspiration, ALICE is a hidden, wondrous world, discovered by going through a figurative rabbit hole at one of Jakarta’s most lavish hotel lobbies. A vibrant realm of fabled aesthetics and poetic culinary creations, an adventure awaits you at ALICE.

Nestled within the lavish confines of The Langham, Jakarta, ALICE is the ultra-luxury hotel’s sweet escape. Offering an enticing array of meticulously crafted French cuisine and desserts, ALICE is a sanctuary for discerning food enthusiasts seeking an exceptional culinary experience. The moment you enter ALICE, you are transported into a realm of refinement and sophistication. 

The restaurant’s Art Deco-inspired interior – embellished with gleaming walls, elegant arched doorways and dangling crystal chandeliers – sets the scene for an unforgettable dining affair. Whether relishing a bespoke brunch, savouring an elegant afternoon tea or exploring the exquisite dining menu, every experience at ALICE is imbued with a feeling of opulence and sophistication.

An Authentic French Boulangerie

At the core of ALICE’s culinary offerings lies Chef Norbert Bataillard, whose culinary expertise spans two decades and is deeply rooted in the esteemed traditions of French patisserie. As the executive pastry chef at The Langham, Jakarta, Chef Bataillard’s brings his fervour for baking and patisserie craftsmanship to the fore, elevating ALICE’s dessert selection to unprecedented levels of luxury and innovation. 

ALICE’s dining experience is a sensory delight, with each dish meticulously curated to perfection. Begin your gastronomic voyage with the Eastern French-inspired escargot bourguignon, expertly baked to buttery perfection and accompanied by a medley of garlic, lemon butter, shallot and persillade. For a heartier appetiser, indulge in the captivating ALICE Beef Tartare, showcasing succulent Angus beef paired with garlic aioli, gherkins and shallots atop crispy croutons. In addition to the French-inspired dishes, guests can also relish a variety of Italian delicacies for a refreshing twist, such as the indulgent beef ragu agnolotti.


No meal at ALICE is complete without indulging in one of Chef Bataillard’s signature desserts. From the creamy waffle ice cream to the rich and spiced fudgy brownie churros, each dessert is a testament to flavour and creativity. Be sure not to overlook the enchanting Rose Flower, a modern take on the traditional French Ispahan Sorbet, adorned with bursts of rose, lychee and raspberry flavours. For those yearning for a taste of nostalgia, ALICE also offers an array of authentic French pastries and ice cream flavours, perfect for satisfying every sweet craving.

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at The Langham, Jakarta

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