Jewels of the desert

High-end fashion brand and jewellery maker Cartier has taken inspiration from the resilient and alluring plants of the desert to put together a bold, free-spirited collection of powerful, sculptural pieces to love unconditionally. Putting a twist on traditional sources of inspiration, Cactus de Cartier reveals the secret, distinctive beauty of these fascinating, uncompromising plants that we dare not touch, but observe from afar.

In this sublime, spiky collection, Cartier has overturned convention and redefined jewellery. Geometry, cut-outs, and proportions: the unapproachable becomes softer and tamely reveals three unexpected faces. At the jeweller’s touch, the gold comes to life with twisting contours, open work and precious, pearly droplets. Look upon these audacious beauties with a new clarity; see them through a jeweller’s eyes as they bloom in twists of gold prickling with diamonds.