Luxury That’s Made-to-Measure

If you recognise the difference between wearing a standard store-bought suit compared to one that has been tailor-made and carefully handcrafted with only you in mind, then you will already appreciate the difference between owning a mass-produced motor boat compared to a totally unique, totally personalised and totally luxurious Sanlorenzo yacht made exactly to your liking. Catering to the world’s clientele who appreciate this careful attention to customer detail, Sanlorenzo is Italy’s elite and boutique yachting company that produces custom-designed ocean vessels that rival the very best in the industry.

Timeless quality

Sanlorenzo has been creating high-quality motor yachts since 1958, each one designed and produced according to the specific requests, styles and desires of the individual owners. These ultra-luxurious made-to-measure yachts therefore take time and passion to build, and so, Sanlorenzo limits the number of builds to a maximum of 30 yachts per year. Today, Sanlorenzo has manufactured over 750 breathtaking yachts, with three prevailing lines: the SL, SD and the Superyachts. The main characteristics of the SL line are the timeless contours and exceptional navigational features, which make them fit for every sea condition. The yachts are made of fibreglass, with a planing hull ranging between 78 and 118 ft.The SD range then combines the elegance of a silhouette inspired by the great transatlantic liners of the 1930s with the ability to experience life at sea without constraints and with long self-sufficiency. These are motor yachts made of composite material with a semi-displacement hull ranging between 92 and 126 ft.Then, at the top end of the scale are the Sanlorenzo Superyachts, made of aluminium and steel that boast planing or displacement hulls that vary between 130 and 200 ft, representing the customisation possibilities of Sanlorenzo yachts at their very best. Yet no matter the line or the yacht, what is clearly evident with each of Sanlorenzo’s designs and styles is that each one becomes a classic – they outlive fashions and instead become truly timeless, unmatched in their ability to allow one to live beyond the confines of time and trends.



Sanlorenzo has built itself a solid reputation as a brand that revolves around the needs and desires of its elite clients. It recognises that each customer has their own individual lifestyle, and so the tastes, habits and preferred styles of the customers are used to define their boat. Sometimes it is the customers’ own home that offers a good starting point for a personalised design, other times, inspiration is sought elsewhere. Whatever the case, the design specs are headed by leading international designers to understand and illustrate each customer’s style. They are in charge of developing individual interior design projects and advising customers by creating optimal, tailor-made solutions. Beyond the design, owning a Sanlorenzo also offers customers the opportunity to choose their own materials for their boat. This choice is not limited to the cladding and covering materials, but extends to such items as the marble slabs and the wood species employed. Sanlorenzo does this because it believes boat owners should be able to choose each and every detail to best express their personality, from furnishing details to furniture and supplies. It is clear that nothing is standard when it comes to a Sanlorenzo creation. It employs the best artisans, whose work is synonymous with quality and care, and it prides itself on having a team of people who are highly skilled at supervising each and every step of production. Its yachts are not just gorgeous boats, they are the outward expression of the customer’s style and personality. They are places where you, the boat owner, can express all of your own elegance and exclusivity. Each Sanlorenzo motor yacht is as unique as a work of art, and every Sanlorenzo has its own story to tell. One day, maybe it will tell yours.