Jumeirah Bali

Located in the stunning Uluwatu region, the all-villa luxury resort sits gracefully on the beach area of Dreamland – one of the most coveted locations on the island. Inspired by Hindu-Javanese culture, Jumeirah Bali is an incomparable magical resort surrounded by breathtaking beauty, where nature offers a stunning performance in its own magnificent way.

Featuring 123 villas in one- and two-bedroom configurations, this majestic resort is also a great spot for those looking to indulge in a truly memorable wedding, with a plethora of wedding venues within the sprawling grounds of Jumeirah Bali. From magical outdoor venues with endless views of the Indian Ocean set amid fragrant gardens to an elegant ballroom for formal occasions and business functions, guests can choose from a variety of unique venues suitable for both grand and intimate events.

Events at the stylish resort are backed by a team of professional planners and curated packages, including special wedding packages to fit the needs of newlyweds. These range from the Trowulan Wedding Ceremony, Mantra Wedding Ceremony, Tilasan Wedding Ceremony to the Fountain Garden Wedding.

Located on the Trowulan level, the main ballroom offers 325sqm of elegant space, perfect for hosting large celebrations. Guests also have the option of an exquisite private dinner at AKASA, perched atop a cliff with astonishing views of the ocean. Participate in a traditional blessing ceremony at Tilasan, Maja Lounge Terrace or Mantra Pavilion, or choose the most unique of the resort’s venues — the picture-perfect replica ruins of Trowulan, the site of the eponymous capital city of the Majapahit Empire.

Looking to pamper yourself before or after the big day? Head over to Talise Spa, which also draws inspiration from the Majapahit Empire. The first spa in Bali to feature a Royal Hammam, Talise Spa at Jumeirah Bali offers decadent cleansing rituals, including the signature Royal Campa and Royal Dwara hammam experiences, promising deep relaxation and detoxification. As guests rest amid regal splendour on a heated marble slab, Jumeirah Bali’s ornate palace of healing steam and flowing water transports them to Princess Campa’s court where spirituality, self-care and appreciation of Bali’s natural beauty were essential to living a balanced life.


  • Unbeatable location overlooking the azure ocean

  • Skilled banquet and dining professionals

  • Talise Spa

Jumeirah Bali