Opt for hassle-free fried chicken rice bowls from Macama, with different sauces to cater to different preferences.

Make life easier with compact comfort food like the rice bowls that Macama has to offer. You can choose from four kinds of rice bowls: Ayam Kangen ­– rice and fried chicken with Macama’s garlic pepper butter, Ayam Kesayangan – rice and fried chicken with sweet sauce, Ayam Judes – rice and fried chicken with hot and spicy sauce, and Ayam Sadis – rice and fried chicken with super-hot sauce. Order some side dishes, like the Happy Ending, Kokoro No Tomo, Risol Kamu or a simple sunny side up egg. There are also two special sets on offer, first comprising Macama rice bowl and mineral water or tea, and the second one comprising Macama rice bowl, sunny side up egg and mineral water or tea.


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