Mastering Mindful Meditation

To find a zen state, you don’t have to isolate yourself in a secluded forest or uncharted mountain top. You can easily turn your home into the perfect meditation haven with a few simple steps.

Pick a Spot

Choose a corner of your home that has minimum distractions, nowhere near the living area, kitchen and dining room. Don’t pick a spot where you usually do your work or watch TV. Opt for an area where there’s enough natural light during the daytime and good air circulation; these factors help ease your mind. Bonus points if you can get a room with a view.

Colour Me Calm

Now that you’ve found your spot, use this as an excuse to do a little redecorating. Remove furniture or decorations with bold colours, or designs that can easily distract you from your meditation. Replace unnecessary knickknacks with only the necessities, and try to have neutral, earthy tones to create the mood. Repaint the room if you’re up for it.

Phone Free

We know your phone is basically your life, allowing you to connect to the outside world, to anyone, anywhere and anytime, but your meditation time is not one of those times. Make sure your corner is free from TVs, laptops and mobile phones. The idea of meditation is to temporarily disconnect from the outside world and get in touch with yourself.

Darling Details

Now you’re ready to have some quality time with yourself, it’s time to add some touches that provide sensory stimulation. Use aromatherapy so that you can focus and relax. Aromatherapy candles are great options. Last but not least, play some meditative tunes to really soothe you.