Meet The Designers – SAU


Behind the Brand

“I design classic clothing with a modern and trendy edge so that each piece is unique and fashionable, but still timeless season after season. All my collections have a subtle east meets west aesthetic, with an emphasis on quality that we offer at affordable price in the hopes that women everywhere can enjoy our clothing. Above all I design clothing for independent women to feel sexy and confident in, when wearing SAU”.

– Designer, Cheryl Leung

Meet The Designers – SAU

Cheryl Leung, creator of SAU, is one of the major minds of fashion in Hong Kong; inspired by the sights, culture and people of her home, she creates endearing designs for her city and the world. After earning a degree from UCLA, Cheryl had the opportunity to get some experience in the fashion industry, having always been attracted to the craft. She found a position within Lane Crawford and gathered the inspiration and experience she needed to achieve her long-term dream of launching her own line. She moved back to Hong Kong and after hours of planning, fine-tuning and frustration, SAU was born. SAU is a reflection of Cheryl’s personal style that is translated into timeless pieces perfect for today’s modern working woman, who isn’t afraid to stand out for all the right reasons. The collection stresses classic and enduring elements of both Chinese and Western styles, but strives to be modern and avant-garde, all at the same time. SAU’s distinct sense of fashion displays the multiple facets of the modern woman; the clothing is designed to empower women with styles that can be worn every day, but flaunt a certain subtle flair. SAU was founded on the idea that women can dress not just to impress, but to feel good about themselves and their individuality.