Meet the designers – Hei Lau


Behind the Brand

“I first discovered my passion for design when I was 11 years old. I always wanted to dress differently from the same-aged girls. I was interested in fashion magazines and vintage fashion and then started my fashion journey. I dressed in my own designs, which are in new shapes and forms created by draping and experiments on dummies.”

– Designer, Hei Lau

Hei Lau 

This hot fashion brand continues to be on the cutting edge of fashion in China and Hong Kong. Hei Lau is named after its accomplished founder, who has shown at Australian Fashion Week, put on a catwalk show in Macau and was also selected to show at the Asahi Kasei Chinese Creativity Award Collection at China Fashion Week in Beijing for spring/summer 2015.

Hei Lau’s newest project has been an elegant line named e+ by Hei Lau. Committed to natural, easy-to-wear modern fashion, these designs follow a modest style of design that uses a unique artistic interpretation of the relationship between clothing and the human body. In this way e+ by Hei Lau understands that clothing is an integral part of the wearer’s inner experience and that feeling beautiful can mean something entirely different from person to person. The line makes use of natural materials and an organic charm to create delicate, yet simple designs that free the soul. Effortless chic and distinctly comfortable, the e+ Classic Line by Hei Lau is perfectly suitable for the everyday life of the modern woman. For special occasions, The Elegant Line pursues exquisite and unique designs for a simply stunning presentation.