Mid-Autumn Festival at Shangri-La Jakarta

Welcoming the annual moon festival, the five-star hotel is offering a selection of delectable mooncakes skilfully created by the talented team of JIA.

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, JIA, the contemporary Chinese restaurant at Shangri-La Jakarta, offers a delightful selection of mooncakes in 11 exquisite flavours, perfect to be enjoyed with family and friends.

A seasonal delicacy tied to the festival, mooncakes are best shared with loved ones when families reunite and come together to admire the luminosity of the full moon. In Chinese culture, the round shape of the mooncakes symbolises the completeness and reunification of family for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The chefs at JIA bring together a sumptuous taste of heritage, featuring authentic flavours of white lotus and red lotus with single and double yolk options. A timeless symbol of purity and enlightenment, the lotus is regarded as a regal flower in Chinese history and is commonly used in traditional desserts. Other flavours available include bamboo charcoal pandan, red bean paste, along with new mooncake specialties of black sesame paste with single yolk and mini baked cappuccino with cashew.

In addition to the classic mooncakes, guests can revel in JIA’s delicate mini snow skin mooncakes. The luscious delicacies come in two sweet fillings of creamy egg custard with durian, as well as the perennially sought-after green tea ganache.

Available from now until 5 September, the mooncakes are elegantly encased in a stunning chartreuse green box, adorned with vibrant patterns of blooming chrysanthemums that represent happiness, longevity and good fortune. Orders are taken by calling (+62) 2129399587 or by emailing jia.slj@shangri-la.com.

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