Panasonic TX-65 EZ952B OLED

The Smart Ultra HD TV Choice.

An exceptional interactive Smart TV with HDMI connectivity and Panasonic’s Studio Colour Hollywood Cinema eXperience 2 processor, the TX-65 EZ952B OLED, new for 2017, is sensational.

Panasonics OLED TVs work without screen backlighting, thus deeper black and more vivid colours are attained giving accurate, realistic colours and contrast.

The EZ952B has a clean and elegant design and, being an OLED TV, is thinner and lighter than standard models thus better suited to wall mounting. At 65 inches, it is not the biggest TV you can buy, but coupled with the Panasonic wireless home theatre system and boosted by a host of special and intuitive Panasonic settings, it offers an ideal high-end viewing package perfect for those who want a mind blowing home-cinema experience. For gamers, too, the thrill from this large screen and excellent quality sound system is unbeatable.