Panasonic Wine Dinner

Ari Syarif, Suryanto Widjaja, Hanaribowo, Hudaeli Kusnendar & Heri Saputra

On 3rd August, Panasonic held a dazzling wine-and-dine evening for its business partners at Motion Blue together with Exquisite Media and PT Korsa Mandiri Pratama. The glitzy event was attended by respected industry leaders, renowned hoteliers as well as esteemed corporate executives of Panasonic. Attendees included honoured guests from as far as Surabaya such as PT Intiland, PT Wijaya Karya and PT Axon Sembilan Puluh.

The evening’s entertainment began with a brilliantly choreographed light show. After the scintillating performance, the opening speech was given by Heru Santoso, Executive Director of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.

A slide and video presentation of Panasonic’s innovative products followed, the highlight of which was Panasonic’s innovative technology for home, town and commercial solutions. Panasonic’s unique technology incorporates elements of the home such as air quality, smart kitchen storage as well as movable elements such as bookcases for flexibility. A smart monitoring and control system is built into all of Panasonic’s home products to create the home of the future.


Suryanto Widjaja & Philip Cahyono
Masuoh Fukada, Kazuhisa Yamamoto & Putu Waringin Bierlee


Ari Syarif, Takafumi Kikuchi, Heru Santoso, Takahara, Yutake Enomoto, Ichiro Suganuma, Achmad Razaki, Fransiskus Porasi, Eiji Mori & Ryoji Kaneko
Lenny Marlina Tanu & Ayu Azhari


Nyoman Riyantono, Kevin Setyabudi, Ayu Azhari, Etty Candra, Paulus & Leonard Pandy