Partners in Life and Love

Loving couple Tipi and Feby are known as two of the most prominent hospitality movers and shakers in Bali with the success of their dining destinations and hostel in the past and present, with more yet to come. To Asia Dreams, they unveiled the secret to making family and professions work.

Q: How did you first meet and decide to get married?
Tipi (T): I knew Feby from Feby’s cousin, who was my friend in high school. Feby was on a summer break in Bali and I met her here, and you know the rest. I flew to Australia a lot to visit her too. From the beginning, we discussed where we wanted to take this thing. We had some challenges because we came from different religious backgrounds, so of course we had to convince our families that we wanted to do this, and finally everything went well.
Feby (F): We got married and things fell into places.

Q: How do you juggle work and family?
T: It is difficult, something has got to give. Sometimes we’ve had to sacrifice fun times with the family, and other times we’ve had to sacrifice our focus on our work. We’ve had a lot of opportunities coming our way, and without full focus we’ve sometimes just grabbed at things, and it wasn’t always necessarily a good thing. These days, we only focus on a few select projects, but we really want to make the most out of them. Time is the most precious and important thing for us now.

Q: What are you guys up to these days?
T: We want to make the most of our business and projects. Yes, we recently opened Ninety One, an eastern-inspired dining and drinking destination. We’re also opening a second Kosta Hostel in Berawa after the first one in Seminyak. I’m also helping run Indonesia’s national surfing team and preparing them for the SEA Games and the Olympics in 2020. But above all, we want to spend more time with the family, that’s why we’re trying to streamline our focus now.

Q: Do you hope that your kids will do what you do?
T: Sure, I won’t say no to them becoming professional surfers in the future, but I think every kid has their own talent, whether it’s music, sports or something else, and we want to support them whatever they want to do.

Q: What is your take on family quality time?
F: We try to make and spend time together to do something or go somewhere every weekend.

Q: What are your top three family holiday destinations in Bali?
T: Surfing on Legian Beach, snorkelling near my mother’s place in Pondok Pisang, and just hanging out on Nusa Dua Beach.

Model: Tipi Jabrik, Feby Jabrik & Children

Photographer: Surya Rizky For Djelantik Photography

Wardrobe: By The Sea

Asia Dreams August – October 2019