Positano: Haven of Colours

The village of Positano might not be the first destination that springs to mind when planning your honeymoon, but if you want elegant accommodation, a sophisticated and culturally rich experience, and a base to explore the beauty and cuisine of the Amalfi coast, then it’s a great choice. 

Positano is the most popular village on this spectacular strip of southern Italian coastline. Set betwixt the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Lattari Mountains, the entire 37-mile Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a picturesque destination, rich in natural, historical, and cultural wonders, and home to some of the finest dining in Italy.  

Naples International Airport is the closest international airport to Positano. The transfer takes about 90 minutes along a beautiful coastal road that skirts Mount Vesuvius and Pompei. Rome International Airport is about 4 hours by train or coach.  

There are plenty of luxury hotels and private villas in Positano, including the cool refinement of Le Sirenuse, one of Italy’s best-known hotels where the exceptional facilities, exquisite service and the stunning cliffside location will etch lasting memories. If you want to experience the 400-candle dinner at the hotel’s famous La Sponda restaurant, be sure to book in advance. 

For glamour, exclusivity, and a fantastic location, check out Il San Pietro di Positano. A five-star favourite of movie stars, it boasts magnificent views, superb accommodation, outstanding service, and the Michelin-starred Zass Restaurant.  

With a huge number of seafood, traditional and fine-dining restaurants, the Amalfi coast cuisine is an amazing gastronomic adventure. For traditional Italian fare, Il Giardiniello offers a great menu. If you want a lively beachfront bistro experience, check out the fantastic fresh fish and seafood at Chez Black, the spaghetti and sea urchin is highly recommended, especially washed down with a bottle of local wine.  

Positano and the Amalfi coast are beautiful, and perhaps the best way to see the iconic scenery in all its glory is by boat or by air. Join a boat tour, or if you are feeling adventurous hire your own yacht or motor cruiser. For something spectacular, you can book a helicopter tour over Mount Vesuvius or around the islands of Capri and Procida. What a way to start married life!