Rafael Nadal chooses Monte Carlo Yachts

Renowned luxury yacht builder from Italy, Monte Carlo Yachts, proudly announced that world-class tennis superstar Rafael Nadal has chosen the brand to fulfil his childhood yachting dream. Monte Carlo Yachts, which is based in Monfalcone, Italy, and represented by Simpson Marine in most of Asia, confirmed that its iconic classic, the MCY 76, has been purchased by and delivered to Nadal in Spring 2016. Hailing from Balearic Islands, Spain, Nadal’s favourite pastime includes coasting around the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Cabrera, and enjoying the secluded mountain areas and open beaches and lively coastlines.

Just like Nadal himself, the MCY 76 is an award winner, with seven prestigious awards to boast in the yachting scene. The selected yacht is known for its timeless and refined style, with iconic profile, high-flared bow, innovative details and large spaces and features. In addition, Federico Peruccio, the marketing and communications manager of Monte Carlo Yachts, explains that some personal customisations have been made to allow unique qualities to Nadal’s choice. The respected reputation of the unique model in particular, and the Italian brand in general, is achieved by upholding design and product innovation and revolutionary patented