Reaching The Heights of Luxury

This August, Bali Adventure Tours (BAT) – Bali’s most renowned adventure tour company, founded in 1989 – hosted two exciting launch events, relaunching Bali Adventure Sky Tours and their brand new, Eurocopter B2 Helicopter, at BAT’s award-winning Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, in Taro Village, Ubud. At this, Bali Adventure Sky Tours’ first launch event, business partners, friends, government representatives and media were welcomed to the Elephant Safari Park and its private Adventure House Helipad, where the official unveiling of Bali’s first VIP helicopter took place, hosted by BAT Company founder Nigel Mason. The luxurious red and yellow Eurocopter B2 Helicopter was parked out on the helipad for all to inspect and admire.

Besides a fine selection of beverages and canapés, some lucky prize-winning guests got to enjoy a jaw-dropping, 20-minute joyride, flying north towards Kintamani and soaring over the spectacular Mount Batur volcano and the Lake Batur caldera, river valleys and rice-fields, before flying back to Taro. Due to public demand, a second, similar launch event was also hosted at the Adventure House Helipad, with prize-winners experiencing a short joy-ride over Kuta Beach.

These events actually mark Bali Adventure Sky Tours’ return to operations after a 12-year hiatus, quickly re-establishing itself as the first and only VIP helicopter service in Bali, with their sleek new Eurocopter B2 Helicopter.

This high-end helicopter offers luxurious service levels and standards never before experienced in Bali, lavishly equipped with air-conditioning, hand-stitched white leather interiors, state-of-the-art internal and external camera systems (with four cameras for souvenir photos and videos), modern TV monitor screens and sound systems, plus pop-out floatation pads for emergency water landings.

Bali Adventure Sky Tours owns and operates four certified heliports throughout Bali and now offers a multitude of breathtaking sky tours, charters and transfers. Customized services include scenic tours and volcano sightseeing, airport, hotel and inter-island transfers, medical evacuation, aerial photography and filming and aerial banner advertising – a first for Bali.

You can also charter the helicopter for marriage proposals, wedding flights, special occasions, executive one-up-manships or medical retrievals, combined with adventure package tours, or jet-setting island hopping!