Renaldi Hutasoit

An automobile enthusiast and a racer, as well as director of PT Hourlogy Indah Perkasa, which manages premium watch brands like Omega, Renaldi really knows his timepieces and cars. Having to stay at home doesn’t hinder his lively spirit. Here he shares with us his great tips to keep the body and mind healthy under these circumstances.

Q: How has the stay-at-home situation changed your daily life?
A: While my daily routines have changed, I realised that working from home can be just as productive as normal office-based working. Of course, prior to starting WFH (work from home), we made preparations to make sure almost 100 percent of our work could be done from home. It also helps that the workload is low since PSBB (large-scale social distancing) is affecting everyone in Jakarta, and the world (our principals in Europe also have their own form of PSBB). On a more personal level, I feel that the quality of my relationships with family members has improved since we are spending more time together. Oh and the big plus, I spend less money now. Hahaha.

Q: What activities do you like to do now that you have to stay at home more?
A: I get to do my online simulated racing more!   

Q: Please share your tips on what to do to stay positive at home.
A: As with many cases, stress comes when reality is not in line with our expectations. So the main trick for handling PSBB positively is to be content with the situation, accept that things will change and prepare for the change. Accept that malls and places we like to visit are closed, accept that activities we like to do are temporarily halted, etc. Just as important, sincerely thank God that we still have our health, plus we now have the likes of internet, WhatsApp, Zoom, Gojek, Tokopedia, Netflix, YouTube, to make staying at home far less boring than it could have been. We need to will ourselves to stop stressing, because stressing will not change the situation, only our mood – and ultimately our health.

Q: Do you have any tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
A: First, the mind control the body, so keep the mind healthy by being content. Second, do physical exercise. If we have no exercise equipment at all, even something as simple as skipping without a rope for 15 minutes will burn more than 150 calories. Need something more rigorous? If you don’t know them already, Google burpees and do three sets of 15. That should get your heart rate going. Third, the body needs fuel – good fuel. So when you eat, note your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake. Try to reach an Indonesian diet easy balance of 50 percent carbohydrate, 25 percent protein and 25 percent fat. Of course, reduced fat is better, if replaced by more protein. Start counting calories, don’t take in more than 2,000 calories a day if you are 75kg like me, calculate proportionally to your bodyweight. Lastly, the body needs rest. Since we are staying at home, there is absolutely no reason for not getting our seven to nine hours of sleep. Will yourself to return to the office looking better! 

Q: Since you have to stay at home more, what do you miss most from normal life?
A: Sitting in the passenger seat next to my daughter while she gets more experience driving in traffic.

Q: What is the first country you want to visit after the quarantine is over and why?
A: Honestly, I am hesitant to visit any other countries until months after the pandemic is over.