A close collaboration among three talented people has brought a new restaurant to Hong Kong. Yenn Wong, award-winning entrepreneur, has teamed up with Chef Nathan Green and commissioned Joyce Wang Studio to design a unique vision for their new restaurant, Rhoda. Guided by the idea of celebrating old-style dining, in which people enjoy the company gathered around the table instead of the virtual life of their smartphones, Rhoda places a communal table at the centre of the restaurant. The vision of cultivating family and group meetings is echoed in the choice of details, such as the local handmade tableware. Chef Nathan specialises in charcoal grilling and the restaurant’s design revolves around this concept.

Subtle references to this cooking technique are implemented throughout the restaurant, and you can expect to find charcoal wood cladding of the Shou Sugi Ban on the walls, or rose motifs branded into the wooden tables. The menu at Rhoda changes daily, ensuring that the best local ingredients are served to the guests. Most of the food is slowly cooked or carefully grilled over the charcoal grill, enhancing the flavour. The simple, yet delightfully delicious, food is a blend of Western-style cooking using local products. The dynamics of space are carefully structured and the chef’s open kitchen and the cocktail bar face one another. With this arrangement, food and drink are granted the central stage, creating a theatre-like impression for the restaurant’s guests.