“Jerry Maguire” Cocktail Dessert Bar

When in Hong Kong, be sure to experience “Jerry Maguire” Cocktail Dessert Bar, a new vision of food and beverage polarisation that combines the best of two scrumptious worlds: amazing cocktails and delicious desserts. With innovative recipes and an artistic display of culinary creations, you can rest assured your sweet tooth will be utterly spoilt. The composition of dessert cocktails served at the venue is based on molecular gastronomy formulas and inspired by various muses, including Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel, Alice in Wonderland, which is the signature cocktail of Jerry Maguire. Based on Havana Club three-year-old rum, Midori liqueur, elderflower syrup, mint leaf and pineapple juice, and topped with a “JM” mushroom, spun sugar and golden leaf, the cocktail offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

Jerry Maguire’s key focus, however, is on desserts, so don’t miss the Jerry Maguire cheesecake crunch, a hazelnut Baileys cheesecake with crunchy biscuits, topped with a dark Baileys chocolate frozen foam. If you’re more into savoury tastes, tapas plates have also found their way onto the menu, including stuffed chicken wings with an apricot glaze, a ham platter with stuffed olives and cornichons, and the Jerry Maguire crispy pollock with homemade grainy mustard and tomato salsa.