Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness


If you’ve ever fantasised about taking a peek into the lives of Ubud’s royals, why not spend a regal spa getaway at Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness, owned and operated by a branch of the island’s iconic royal family?

Situated within the lush and spiritually charged village of Kedewatan in Ubud, Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness can easily be described as a Balinese sanctuary with a blue blood location adjacent to the riverfront Royal Pita Maha resort. A meandering cobblestoned driveway leads you through manicured tropical gardens, past beautifully dressed staff that smile and wave as if you are the first and only guest they will see that day.

The private entrance to Royal Kirana is marked with a larger than life Balinese statue that gives you the immediate impression that you are destined to experience something unique and memorable. Landscaped pathways lined with smooth river stone walls showcase stunning river valley views overlooking authentic alang alang thatched rooftops. The flow of water surrounds you, reflecting the abundance and fertility of the area. Bubbling fountains, shaded gazebos, latticed walkways hanging with vines and gilded statues create a seductive and relaxing ambience.

The reception lobby is simple and stylish with a colourful mosaic of day-to-day Balinese life behind the welcome desk, a generous sand Zen garden, oversized daybed and comfortable seating area. You are invited to enjoy a glass of chilled Earl Grey tea while filling out a brief questionnaire regarding your preferences. It is not easy to choose from Kirana’s extensive treatment menu, offering a plethora of body, facial, healing, and salon treatments. The 120-minute beauty and relaxation packages seem to be the best option for first-timers, offering a myriad of combinations at attractive prices.

Each package is performed in your very own private spa villa, overlooking those mesmerising river valley views. With the choice of the Ayung Retreat Package, featuring a Revitalizing Body Massage and Facial, you are led to a two-storey Ayung Relaxation Villa, an opulent stone residence. The first level offers a private changing area, twin walk-in rain showers, and vanity area stocked with personal toiletries. Upstairs showcases a contemporary infinity edge swimming pool on the edge of paradise, vaulted woven grass ceilings and two treatment tables, custom designed and built for the spa.

Two hand-hammered copper pots are filled with bright yellow daisies to ensure that your face down view during the treatment is joyous and calming. Your therapist gently cleanses each foot with a moistened hot towel before beginning the treatment. Utilising a combination of gentle massage and pressure to each ‘tsubo’ (a Japanese word for effective pressure points), first with dry hands and then with a few drops of Kirana’s own hand-crafted natural oil massage, muscular tension slips away and your body is coaxed into feeling refreshed and energized.

By manipulating the individual tsubos (there are more than 1,000 energy points or acupressure points presently known) as well as the meridians that flow up and down our bodies (which are basically several tsubos strung together), the actions help to re-balance feelings and emotions as well, a wonderful treatment after an arduous journey or before or after a significant event such as a wedding.

Once your body has completely let go of all lingering stress, your sensitive facial skin is treated to a deep cleansing followed by a gentle massage, scrub and penetrating mask that hydrates and revitalises tired looking skin. The highly regarded Japanese product line, Shiseido, is used throughout the 60-minute treatment and it is recommended for clients that are 30 years old and above.

The grand finale to any treatment at Kirana is a tranquil visit to the Spa Lounge & Garden. Your time at the Spa Lounge can only be described as a truly royal experience. Boutique spa lockers, individual changing rooms and showers, a herbal steam room and dry sauna create the perfect follow up detoxification to your treatments. Spend a few minutes in the herbal steam room, allowing your body to release all of the toxins brought about by the revitalising massage. Drink a cool glass of water and then repeat the process in the dry sauna. Indulge in a refreshing shower before spending the afternoon on a comfortable sun lounger. The only thing between you and the idyllic river valley beyond is a graceful swimming pool shaded by trees with blooming red orchids and dancing butterflies.