(Say) Yes to Yoga

Yoga combines two beneficial things, exercise and meditation, which makes it favoured around the world. However, sometimes it’s hard to actually practice. Here are a few easy steps to get on the mat.

Scent and Sound

Set the mood with aromatherapy oil or incense with the scent of your choice. Lavender and vanilla make reliable and soothing choices if you’re looking for a more laid-back session. Frangipani and sandalwood are good to exude warmth, or you can always spark up your favourite fragrance. Curate some music to complete the ambience, something hypnotising like 60s psychedelic tracks can be interesting.

Choose the Class

There are many different kinds of yoga and meditation tutorials that you can follow, but that doesn’t mean you should do them all. Choose the kind of yoga with the benefits that you actually need. For example, vinyasa yoga is more choreographed with flowing postures, connecting breath and movement and is good for flexibility, balance and strength. Bikram yoga is more challenging, but it’s an efficient way to increase heart rate, increase strength and improve blood circulation.

Stay on Schedule

Creating a daily schedule to practice yoga can help your mind to commit to exercise. Following a routine also trains your body to stick to this good habit, so even if at the beginning you’re reluctant, you’ll find yourself yearning to do it. Pick a time that won’t interfere with your work or errands.

Dress to Motivate

When it comes to the clothes, comfort is paramount when practicing yoga or any other exercise. But being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to look drab. Choose chic getups that are designed for yoga or similar activities, there are a lot of good brands to choose from out there. Looking cute can actually be a good motivation to get on the mat and practice the postures.