Seasalt at Alila Seminyak


Drawing inspiration from its breathtaking oceanfront location and the locally harvested sea salt – which is one of the excellent commodities in Bali – Seasalt brilliantly takes the wonders of the ocean and everything in it as its main idea, and from there innovatively creates a dining experience unlike any other.

Led by highly skilled Chef Vivian Vitalis, Seasalt brings the best quality seafood and serves it in an innovative way. Drawing inspiration from Japanese techniques and flavours, with a dash of Vivian’s flair, the restaurant offers refreshing creative dishes that diners won’t find anywhere else.

Dinners at Seasalt always start with the signature Seasalt Ritual, where diners are served an intriguing centrepiece, inspired by the shell and coral-adorned beach, unveiling a starting spread of mackerel butter and mayo with a Japanese touch, wrapped in spinach and seaweed baked inside a mound of sea salt – to be savoured with homemade sourdough.

Always looking to deliver a memorable dining experience, Seasalt was one of the first restaurants in Indonesia to implement the sustainable and zero-waste concept. With a focus on sustainability, Seasalt sources seafood that is wild caught and sustainably harvested from the waters around Indonesia, and partners with local fishermen and their community who provide high quality seafood that is sustainably fished. Dishes are seasoned with traditional organic Kusamba sea salt from East Bali, where a small community of salt farmers continues a centuries-old tradition of producing 100 percent natural salt by sun and wind evaporation.

At Seasalt, the cuisine is sophisticated, but the ambience is casually refined. It’s a great dining destination with an unrivalled ocean view, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, where eager diners can enjoy the decadent Sunday Seafood Brunch. 


  • The Seasalt Ritual
  • Sunday Seafood Brunch
  • Zero-waste concept cocktails

Seasalt at Alila Seminyak
Jalan Taman Ganesha No. 9, Petitenget, Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: (+62) 3613021888