The Art is Back!

ART • BALI 2019’s Speculative Memories    

After its inaugural exhibition last year, ART • BALI 2019 launched for another round this year on 12 October. Held at the AB•BC building, Bali Collection, in the manicured Nusa Dua area, the exhibition showcased 49 artworks comprising installations, statues, videos, paintings and other new media – all associated with this year’s theme of Speculative Memories.

Unlike the first round of ART • BALI 2019, this year’s edition runs for only three months, from 13 October 2019 to 13 January 2020. One of the goals of the event is to bring together people and art, leading to a collaborative effort with Fashion Council Western Australia called Asia Cultural Exchange. The programme juxtaposes fashion designers from Indonesia and Australia and encourages them to highlight Asia’s textiles and their influence on the global fashion scene, as well as to share a runway.

The opening of ART • BALI 2019 saw the Asia Cultural Exchange taking place as Indonesian designers Ali Charisma and Quarzia, and Australian brands 33 Poets and Reign The Label, shared a runway and wowed the audience. Contemporary dancer Jasmine Okubo also presented a spontaneous interactive performance during the opening event.