The Evolution of Skin Rejuvenation

Puriva Aesthetic & Lifestyle Clinic unveils a groundbreaking skincare revolution with Puriva Duo-Lyft. Discover the fusion of cutting-edge technologies delivering unparalleled skin tightening and rejuvenation for a naturally lifted and youthful appearance.

Puriva Aesthetic & Lifestyle Clinic stands as an example of aesthetic innovation, dedicated to nurturing your best self while preserving your unique essence. Championing confidence and individuality, Puriva Clinic introduces the groundbreaking Puriva Duo-Lyft, a cutting-edge dual-layer facelifting solution crafted by the clinic’s own
Dr. Edo Suweta. This pioneering formula seamlessly merges the time-honoured efficacy of Liftera HIFU with the latest Intragen Grid RF technology, delivering an unparalleled skin-tightening experience.

While Liftera penetrates the skin’s depths up to the muscle’s upper layer, Intragen Grid RF meticulously targets the epidermis, creating a thermal grid zone, and the upper dermis through a thermal-uniform zone. The harmonious fusion of these technologies guarantees a remarkable tightening and lifting effect, redefining your skin’s vitality.

Building upon the success of the renowned Liftera HIFU treatment, Puriva Duo-Lyft epitomises the safest, non-invasive approach to skin tightening and contouring, devoid of any downtime. This transformative procedure caters to individuals seeking to diminish mild to moderate wrinkles, combat sagging skin, redefine neck and jawline contours, or to revitalise ageing or wrinkled skin. Additionally, it proves beneficial in reducing enlarged pores, with optimal results manifesting within four to eight weeks as collagen stimulation takes effect.

Embrace the opportunity to experience an unprecedented combination treatment – a pioneering feat exclusive to Bali – harnessing the synergistic power of ultrasound and radiofrequency. This unparalleled approach delivers potent collagen-stimulating signals across multiple skin layers, culminating in a natural, youthful appearance while preserving skin firmness. Be among the first to embark on this distinctive journey towards a revitalised, naturally lifted visage.

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