The Glenrothes Soleo COLLECTION

When The Glenrothes launched its Soleo Collection a few years ago, it highlighted the importance of sherry casks in the creation of exemplary single malt whisky. For those who are not familiar with whisky making and sherry making, and why the now-flagship collection is named Soleo, then read on.

A vital step in making single malt whisky is maturation for several years in wooden casks, ones that have usually been used previously in other liquor production. Casks previously used for bourbon or sherry are among the favourites, while the latter is the traditional choice for single malt whisky.

Sherry is the native drink of Jerez, Spain, and is made from the region’s white grapes, which are harvested and dried under the sun until ready to be fermented in casks. This is where the term soleo comes from, as it means sunbathing. Over time, the fibres of the oak casks become well imbued with remarkable flavours. The distillers make full use of these unique properties, using these oak casks to mature single malt whisky so the aromatic hints from previous use lend a distinctive character.

The Glenrothes Soleo Collection has a distinct aroma and flavour profile, especially our personal favourites, the darker and older expressions. The 18 Years Old is amber with floral and dried fruit on the nose, offering smooth, creamy and lingering caramel on the palate. The darker 25 Years Old has every reason to be the collection’s top of the line: it is rich, intense and heavier, imparting a sweetness that is smooth with just a bit of earthiness. The finish is long, sweet and lingering, with a herbal hint at the end. Without doubt, this pair is ideal to enjoy during this long monsoon season.

The Glenrothes


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