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Fantastic place, fantastic view, fantastic dishes, and fantastic experience.
The unique 665°F is truly a one-of-a-kind steakhouse.

Fresh of celebrating its fifth anniversary last year, 665 Degrees Fahrenheit, or 665°F for short, is still one of Singapore’s most prolific steakhouses. Perched atop the modern Andaz Singapore, its most distinct feature is the mesmerising
38th floor view of the Lion City’s skyline – this includes Singapore’s tourism
icons, such as the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. 

Add to that the wonderful ambience that the restaurant created for its guests. A blend of classic elements adorned the place, like wooden ceilings and leather seats, with unreal illumination of its chandeliers and lighting and wild colour palette from earthy brown to nautical turquoise. The imaginative design continues through shapes as well, evident from the stunning curved ceilings and angular gazebo bar on the outdoor rooftop area.

The unique name came from the temperature of its signature Pira oven and grill, perfectly placed at the middle of the restaurant’s show kitchen. The grill is visible for both the pleasure and entertainment of the diners seated at its limited capacity but lively main hall. Completing the top sevice and ambiance, 665°F has recently extended its charming space with another fine addition, namely The Cellar. Connected to the restaurant’s principal dining room, the new annex is a treat on its own. Guests enter through a triple-tiered brick archway into an intimately proportioned room that is dressed with tan hues, kidney bean-shaped sofas, copper table lamps, and white Roman shades, all framed by over 400 bottles of wine. The 120sqm area can seat 20 diners in the main dining hall and an exclusive party of eight in its private dining room.

As for the culinary front, the restaurant’s own Chef de Cuisine Poh Boon Ngeo seems to be doing exceptionally well in his first year in this position. A veteran at only 35, he’s been working at various high-rated kitchens all over Singapore – including multi Michelin-starred establishments. Bringing his experience into 665°F, Chef Boon presides over a modern steakhouse which he infuses with global inflections in particular Asian nuances. Sourcing top grade steaks from organic green pastures around the world, the culinary team makes way for creative dishes. Cooked to precision in its Pira oven over logs of fragrant applewood and served with an array of imaginatively crafted sauces, such as béarnaise, the pepper sauce trio comprising green, black and white peppercorns, as well as a velvety thick mushroom ketchup that is prepared over a course of three days.

From the beginning, the restaurant’s fantastic visual treat and whimsical nomenclature go hand-in-hand with Andaz’ youthful and locally inspired brand vision. To be serving premium steaks on top of a high-rise tower, in a restaurant and cellar constructed like a boat taken out of a Ghibli fable, is truly a maverick move from 665º F, especially when its offerings match its wonderland ambience.

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

665º F
Andaz Singapore
5 Fraser Street
189354, Singapore
T: (+65) 64081234