Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto: Beauty Is You

Everybody desires a beautiful look, especially women. For those who love to indulge themselves with beauty products and treatments, Crystal Aesthetic Clinic is delighted to take you to the next level.

Crystal Aesthetic Clinic was founded in 2007 in Menteng, Jakarta, in collaboration with Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto M.D, PhD, MBA. With international standards and premium services, the clinic is considered one of the best laser centres in Indonesia. Owned by Yety Tjandra, together with partners Sebastian Gunawan and Benson Agus, Crystal Aesthetic Clinic is a place for everyone to enjoy premium beauty treatments, such as Brilliant Laser, Long Pulse Ndyag, Micro Needle RF, Ulthera, Crystal Power Slim, Hollywood Peel and Botox&Filler. Yety Tjandra was inspired by her own experience. She often went overseas for beauty treatments and found that treatments and accommodations were very expensive. That being so, why not bring the state-of-the-art technologies and aesthetic innovations to Indonesia?

As one of the fastest growing beauty clinics in Indonesia, Crystal Aesthetic Clinic is well-known for its laser treatment from the laser master himself, Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto. The renowned technologies offered are Thermage CPT and SmartXide DOT. Thermage CPT uses radio frequencies for an anti-wrinkle treatment. Clinically proven to help smooth and improve skin with a non-invasive and nearly pain-free treatment to help tighten the skin for an overall rejuvenated appearance. SmartXide DOT uses a fractional CO2 laser system with the ability to provide amazing results and to reduce wrinkles, small and large acne scars and dark marks on your skin.

Crystal Aesthetic Clinic always provides information about its available treatments in advance, from products to the possibility of side effects, to make patients feel comfortable and secure. All treatments are carried out by doctors who have mastered the techniques and procedures to guarantee maximum results. In addition to Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto, dr. Kartini Ong, dr. Eddy Karta, dr. Andy Salim and dr. Phery Cendres also endeavour to provide the ultimate services at Crystal Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto plays an extremely important role at Crystal Aesthetic Clinic. As the number one anti-aging doctor in Japan, he has rich experience and extensive knowledge. He was awarded “Best Beauty and Anti-Aging Doctor 2013-2014”. Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto ensures that all of Crystal’s doctors are trained in Japan to maintain consistent standards and enrich their knowledge about the use of lasers. Only doctors with official certificates issued by Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto himself are granted permission to join Crystal Aesthetic Clinic. What’s more, Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto regularly visits Indonesia every three months to keep updated on the latest information and to provide training to all of Crystal’s doctors.

Dr. Takahiro Fujimoto holds PhDs in medicine and engineering. In Japan, he is widely known as a director of Clinic F, one of the most famous laser skin clinics. He’s steadily building a solid reputation among Japanese people living overseas as a top laser anti-aging specialist in Asia. His dedication has inspired a lot of people to be more successful and to make tremendous innovations in technology.

Q: We notice you studied aesthetic lasers and followed up on research in the area. Would you mind sharing a bit about what inspired you to study this field and to have your own beauty clinic?

A:  The world of optical microscopy, engineering and electronic equipment began to grasp my attention when I was very young. It inspired me to become a scientist when I grew up. I was also inspired by my grandfather, who was an M.D. and known as a pioneer pain clinician in Japan. After obtaining my medical degree, I joined the Department of Anaesthesiology in the University of Tokyo, where i was involved in research on somatosensory stimulation and autonomic nerves. Subsequently, I began to conduct my own research and focused on laser treatment. From that moment, I noticed lasers for aesthetic uses and started my very own clinic to prove to myself that I had what it took to become successful. At the present time I am conducting research on a laser-assisted drug delivery system, a new treatment option of the 21st century, at a graduate school of pharmaceutical science.

Q: What is the most challenging obstacle you wish to overcome in the scientific field of lasers?

A: The laser machine was invented in 1960. However, only some parts of the machine were used in the field of medication and there was no advanced technology innovation to reveal the benefits. In the 1990s, the laser machine was used for surgery and I thought it could be used for human skin. In the future it could be used not only medically, but also for aesthetics. This challenged me. Was there something more I could do with this laser? The answer was yes. I started to conduct my research on developing lasers for aesthetic needs. The research was conducted for years, until I achieved the results I expected.

Q: Can you share some interesting facts about aesthetic lasers that most people don’t yet know?

A: Just like any other treatment or medication, either for aesthetics or medical reasons, everything comes with good and/or side effects. We (the doctors) are obliged to explain all the side effects, or the worst scenario, from the very beginning, prior to the treatment. Most of the time, however, my concern is that patients usually have no idea who the doctor or the specialist is, who is handling their treatment, their background or medical history/record, whether they have a good reputation and much more. It is our duty to make sure that patients know who will take care of their treatment.

Q: Tell me some of the most interesting cases of dermatology (in terms of aesthetic lasers) that you’ve handled recently.

A: Almost all of the cases were similar: everyone wanted to look beautiful and flawless. I recall 10 years ago when you could not get rid of birthmark or scar, when there was nothing you could do with your pimples and ageing skin. But now, with rapid high-technology innovation, there’s nothing you cannot do. Even now there’s certain infrared light that is able to change human DNA, so you can look younger than before.

Q: What are some of the most trendy treatments in terms of aesthetics among both your male and female patients these days?

A: Most of my female patients want to have brighter skin and they are too concerned about whitening, while my male patients are more into ageing and wrinkles.

Q: What do you think of the Indonesian market with respect to the aesthetic laser method?

A: As one of the developing countries with the highest population in Asia, the dermatology industry in Indonesia is predicted to grow continuously because nowadays more people are becoming more aware of aesthetics and dermatology. In the future it will be bigger and more promising.

Q: Pioneers and experts, you are one of them, continue to invent new treatments in dermatological healing. Given your advanced background in biomedical technology, have you ever considered or are you currently trailblazing other treatment methods aside from lasers?

A: I am also interested in pain management. Pain is one of the side effects of laser treatment. However, it turns out that no matter what, I will keep going back to lasers. So I would probably say that lasers are my life. It’s my passion and I am proud to say that I have been dedicated all my life to it. It’s all about lasers, lasers and lasers.

Q: I’m sure your career can be pretty exhausting some days. What do you like to do when you have the opportunity to unwind?

A: Due to my tight schedule, family time becomes more important to me. I usually just stay at home and play with my kids. Or sometimes I listen to my favourite classical music and opera. For me it’s so relaxing and I can release all the stress I have endured.