The Sparkling Life of Fantinel

Celebrate life’s finest moments with the dazzling taste of Prosecco by Fantinel.

Born from a passion and desire to offer excellent wine-focused products, Paron Mario Fantinel decided to open his first vineyard in 1969. A prominent restaurateur and hotelier in northern Friuli, Italy, Mario decided that it was his mission to foster his special love for wine by producing it with his own hands. Not long after purchasing his first vineyard in the Collio area, the little adventure soon involved his three sons, Luciano, Gianfranco and Loris. In the following years, the three turned their father’s teachings into virtues and helped the humble winery to become one of the most prestigious wineries in the world.

Fantinel manages hundreds of hectares of vineyards in the heart of Tauriano, near the ancient village of Spilimbergo, where the gravelly soil and good temperature fluctuations, as well as a viticulture process that honours the land where the grapes are cultivated and allows the grapes to grow naturally results in richer tasting fruit. This in turn has allowed the Fantinel family to successfully create top sparkling varietals, especially its Prosecco DOC.

The Fantinel estate in the heart of Friuli Grave area is a territory naturally suited to the production of sparkling wines with exceptional quality and long-aging potential. The peculiar location and perfect microclimate, improved by the closeness to Friulian Dolomites, produces outstanding grape qualities in terms of aroma, freshness and power. Soft pressing and fermentation in small steel tanks for over 100 days create the perfect light yellow appearance of Fantinel Prosecco, which on the nose has elegant notes of delicate fruits and flowers, while on the palate it offers a subtle velvety taste.