The World’s Finest

Introducing Master Origin by Nespresso – five new taste sensations inspired by the land.

Who doesn’t love coffee? We’re pretty confident that most people on this planet like to enjoy a cup or two each morning to help them get through the day. Bringing the best flavour to the palate, Nespresso has just launched its Master Origin collection with coffee beans taken from Indonesia, Nicaragua, India, Ethiopia and Colombia.

The idea for the new collection is simple, to bring coffee mastery closer to those who appreciate a cup of good quality coffee. To do this, Nespresso formed a partnership with local farming experts and embarked on a mission to test innovative and demanding farming practices, to craft incredible coffee aromas and tastes.

Each of the Master Origin coffees has been on a different journey to create that distinctive flavour. In Ethiopia, the coffee beans had a meticulous raking every hour by hand to ensure even drying. In Colombia, the typical harvest time was pushed to the limit until it was the right shade of deep purple to be picked. In Indonesia, Sumatran farmers used a traditional and exceptional wet-hulling method, while in Nicaragua, a black honey method was taken. The coffee sourced in India experienced a monsoon technique that was once a natural occurrence when coffee, transported via boat, took on a high level of moisture from the ocean, making the beans swell and reveal a unique new flavour. For Master Origin India, this process has been brought into the 21st century, and Robusta beans used rather than the more typical Arabica.