Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Grajagan

If you’re looking for a secluded haven where you can forget your troubles, as well as surf some of the best breaks in the world, pay a visit to Grajagan in East Java.

Not many people know about Grajagan in East Java, but the region is no stranger to world-class surf enthusiasts. Located a one-hour drive away from the city of Banyuwangi, Grajagan is part of the 314ha South Banyuwangi Forest Utilization Area inside Alas Purwo National Park. Boasting a sprawling, gleaming black sand beach, Grajagan has the reputation of being the gateway to many sought-after surfing spots in the area.

Grajagan Beach offers visitors unrivalled views of a tranquil shore adorned with lush hills and intriguing caves – three of which were once basecamps for the Japanese troops during World War II. An idyllic place to take it slow, you can also enjoy the scenes of traditional fishermen sailing out to sea in the morning, and returning with their catch in the afternoon. Complete your experience by buying the fresh catch for dinner, or even better, join the fishermen on the water for the day.

If you’re heading to the west, you can also find popular beaches like Pesanggaran Beach and Pulau Merah Beach, where you can enjoy the view of a tiny island with reddish soil/sand not too far from the shoreline, hence the name Pulau Merah (red island).

To the east of Grajagan Beach is the national park, in which you can also find Plengkung Beach, more popularly known as G-Land, another internationally renowned surf destination. G-Land’s remote location makes it quite challenging to reach by land, as it takes about 10 hours, but it’s also reachable by a two-hour boat ride from Jerman Beach in Bali. The serenity you will find at G-Land will make the trip worthwhile.