Revealing Rote

Visit Rote Islands where you will find plenty of idyllic natural delights and pristine beaches and islands.

Located among the East Nusa Tenggara islands, Rote Islands comprise one main island and around 90 small islands, including six inhabited ones. Rote is known for its lontar cultivation (palm leaves, usually used for ancient manuscripts and other crafts), and its traditional musical instrument, sasando, made from lontar. Beyond those, Rote boasts the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, and many other natural wonders.

One of the attractions in Rote is Tangga 300 – literally meaning 300 stairs. Don’t be fooled by the moniker, as the total number of steps is more than 300 and differs based on who you ask. The stairs take you on a lush path amidst verdant surroundings to the top of Mando’o hill, where you can bask in the gorgeous views of Timor Sea from above.

Another travel gem in Rote is Mulut Seribu Beach (literally translating to A Thousand Mouths), named after the numerous caves which resembles mouths. The beach has dramatic cliffs and coral, as well as verdant vegetation, leading to a frequent comparison with the breathtaking Raja Ampat in Papua.

Other visit-worthy destinations include Danau Laut Mati (Dead Sea Lake), Batu Termanu, Nembrala Beach, Tolonamon Beach, Bo’a Beach, Ndana Island, Do’o Island, and much more.