Where To Eat Jakarta

  • Nanny’s Pavillon

 Carrying irresistible comfort food amidst inviting and fun décor, plan your next family meal at Nanny’s Pavillion Le Cirque to ensure enjoyment for all.

Nanny’s Pavillon Le Cirque at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 is the family-friendly restaurant’s 19th branch and the first to open in North Jakarta. Hoisting the concept of open-air dining à la Le Cirque, or circus, this particular Nanny’s Pavillon adds a tad of extra cheerfulness to its ambience. With festive decorative elements such as popcorn wheel cards, trapeze lightings, colourful posters of circus characters and animal attractions, the entire atmosphere is filled with the spirit of fun and festivity. Amidst shades of red, white, blue and brown, Nanny’s Pavillon’s favourite dishes, such as Elise’s Lasagna and Ynez’s Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake, never looked so tempting. More family-friendly than ever, Nanny’s Pavillion is the perfect eatery to take your beloved family for a fun night out.


  • Shirayuki Desserts & Bistro

At the family-friendly, Japanese eatery Shirayuki Desserts & Bistro, you can find mouth-watering sweets and desserts to die for as you and your loved ones enjoy a healthy togetherness within its welcoming décor.

As is the Japanese way, Shirayuki Desserts & Bistro strives to achieve perfection in balancing taste and visual aesthetics by creating high quality desserts and foods with utmost attention to detailed plating and impeccable creation techniques.

Offering more than just desserts, Shirayuki Desserts & Bistro also offers a selection of Euro-Japanese dishes that include a handful of original recipes that fuse Indonesian, Japanese and other cuisines together with a unique twist. Some of the most popular signature desserts include the Watanoki Matsuri, Shirayuki’s rendition of cotton candy shaped as a tree served with handmade mochi and soft-serve ice cream, as well as the Yukiraduma Matsuri, a signature snowman made from shaved ice and accompanied by a collection of assorted mochis and a variety of jellies.

Shirayuki Desserts & Bistro

Ruko Emerald No. 10, Jalan Pantai Indah Barat, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan

Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

T: (+62) 852 14907332