A Getaway Gem in Ubud

Amidst a more secluded area of Ubud, Chapung SeBali radiates the subtle promise of treasured getaways in paradise. Nestled on the lush Ubud hills, the boutique resort is unique, unlike any others. Comprising individually designed villas and the newly built suites, Chapung SeBali has been the talk of discerning travellers for its eclectic combination of traditional Indonesian architecture with sleek Scandinavian design. Those with a penchant for visual aesthetics will appreciate the carefully curated details, like the reclaimed ironwood, black marble, red brickwork and large glass panels that double as sunlight access.

The villas take centre stage with surrounding manicured green gardens. Each is equipped with a spacious bedroom, a bathroom with lavish bathtub, an open-air living room, a kitchenette and most importantly, a private pool. The 14 sophisticated new suites, on the other hand, offer a more intimate option for lovebirds looking to rev the romance.

The resort’s famed Jungle Fish is an open-air restaurant ensconced on the hillside, giving an elevated view of the trickling Wos River below. Complete with a swimming pool and an elaborate bar, Jungle Fish is an ideal choice to lose track of time. The tasty bites on offer here can’t hurt either. For guests looking to be pampered from head to toe, Chapung Spa is ready with a selection of signature and beauty treatments.

Chapung Sebali

Jalan Raya Sebali, Keliki, Ubud

Bali 80561, Indonesia

T: (+62)3618989102

E: info@chapung.com