A Night of Guts and Glory

The eagerly awaited launch of the All-New BMW 5 series, the Business Athlete, took place in Jakarta recently on the evening of 3rd August at JIExpo in Kemayoran in a dazzling event themed A Night of Guts and Glory.

Guests mingled over cocktails and light bites from 6.30pm and admired the line up of the prestigious vehicle’s previous six iterations sitting pretty under spotlights for everyone to look over.

At 8pm, the doors were closed and the excited guests were invited to take their seats for the Business Athlete Live 2017. As the tension built, Karen Lim, president director of BMW Indonesia, introduced BMW’s ultimate symbol of success.

Celebrating the success of building the Business Athlete, day by day leading business in the pursuit of perfection, manoeuvring through challenges and filled with determination to drive performance on the road to glory, the curtain fell to reveal a dramatic futuristic graphic display and the sight of professional drivers driving five of the All-New BMW 5 series around the stage.

This new milestone, the most innovative business sedan, has been engineered to bring the best in a vehicle to match the athletic spirit of the owner, hence its slogan of Business Athlete.

The first five owners of these All-New BMW 5 Series were invited to the stage for a ceremonial presentation of their key fobs, with the evening culminating in the excited guests being invited to the stage to see for themselves the latest BMW up close and personal.