Astell & Kern: A&ultima SP1000


Virtual Reality for your Ears.

As makers of some of the most highly acclaimed portable high-resolution audio gear in the world, Astell & Kern produce meticulously designed, feature-packed players for true audiophiles. The new A&ultima SP1000, a blend of high quality polished steel and glass, is the brand’s latest model in its quest for sonic perfection.

The elegant simplicity of its design and the intuitive controls add to its desirability, but it’s the sound quality that is this chunky device’s greatest allure. Not a note, not a keystroke, not even the soft depression of a piano pedal is missed by this dynamic, immaculately detailed audio player.

The sound quality is cosmic by comparison with its rivals and outside of a recording studio is perhaps beyond compare. This is music just as the musician and engineers intended it to be heard.

The A&ultima offers support for virtually any type of audio file in your collection and with it Astell & Kern’s new flagship audio player raises the bar again and places the brand as the portable music player standard for others to beat.


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