Innovation: May The Fold Be With You!

Almost three decades after its inception, foldable phones are making a comeback but with much better technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 

Never one to miss out on great innovations, Samsung has released its fourth generation of foldable phones. Regarded as the best folding phone on the market, the Galaxy Z Fold4 opens up new possibilities for users by delivering Samsung’s most comprehensive smartphone experience to date, offering shape-shifting design, immersive displays and PC-like multitasking features, in addition to advanced camera technology and powerful mobile processors.

OPPO Find N2 Flip

The OPPO Find N2 Flip puts an industry-leading cover screen into palms and pockets, challenging what users come to expect from small form-factor foldables. Despite its lightweight and pocketable size, the Find N2 Flip’s vertical cover screen turns OPPO’s debut flip phone into an incredible photography tool. The tall cover screen also features powerful widgets that help users stay on top of their notifications, and it’s big enough to showcase meaningful information, so there’s no need to open your flip phone constantly.


Google Pixel Fold

Recently announced in May, the latest phone iteration from the giant tech company is quickly making a buzz in the gadget world. The striking smartphone is instantly recognised by its horizontal camera bar, which houses up to 64MP cameras with an additional two front-facing cameras. In addition, the first foldable phone from Google is encased with a curved metal frame to make it look classier than the rest.

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