Hi-Tech at Home

From a cocktail machine that will turn your home into an elaborate bar, to a virtual reality goggle that will bring the world to your home, we have got you covered.


Great innovations often hide in plain view, and when someone joins the dots and creates the latest thing, people wonder why they didn’t think of it first. The Bartesian is a perfect example of this. Think coffee machine, but one that doesn’t make coffee but instead mixes bar quality cocktails at the touch of a button. The new Bartesian cocktail maker can create over 40 cocktails. Simply insert the capsule, select the strength – from mocktail to strong, press the button, and 30 seconds later you have the perfect pour. 



VIVE Flow 

VR (Virtual Reality) has been a big thing over recent years, but the equipment is cumbersome and aimed mostly at gamers. As an alternative, the VIVE goggles offer an accessible approach to the VR world and are geared towards people who want to explore non-gaming VR. The goggles are light, set up is simple, and they pair with most modern smartphones. They come with built-in stereo speakers, spatial audio support, and dual microphones with echo and noise cancellation. If you want to upgrade the experience, they also support Bluetooth headphones. Whether its Netflix or meditation, an exciting new VR world is now at your fingertips.